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Summit Street Fair

April 29, 2007


Our first street fair for the year.  Jane, Lori and I set up the tent and table.  Lori brought along items from the meditation center.

The fair was very large, covering 4 streets in Summit.  There was a huge turnout. Many people stopped at the table to learn about our walk.  It was really awesome when a couple of kids came up and made donations.  They could have used their money to buy candy or other things, instead they chose to help the cause.

The only problem was the wind. By early afternoon, the wind had picked up and was gusting around 25 mph. Jane and Lori had to hold the tent to keep it from flying away.  I thought the 100 pounds of weights I had used to anchor it would have been enough. Nope. It was going to go airborne. We took it down to prevent a disaster.  Next to go were the items from the table which had blown down the street. At least nothing was damaged and no one was hurt 🙂


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