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West Orange Street Fair

May 28, 2007

The gentleman pictured at left is NOT Jeremy, but he could easily be Jeremy’s twin ! He was at the street fair collecting donations for an organization that helps poor children in Mexico. Jane saw him first and asked me “What is Jeremy doing over there with the puppet ?”. I did a double-take, too.

The street fair in West Orange was much better than the one in Springfield. The vendors were not preying on the people strolling along the street. There were more vendors selling “stuff”; across from us was a guy selling marionettes, next to us was a couple selling children’s books and dolls, and on the other side were two people selling time shares.

Alot of people stopped at the table to look at “pink” items we had for sale. We sold a number of pink stuffed animals and pink rubber bracelets.

I sold 10 pairs of earrings. One woman was a repeat customer ! She had bought a pair in Summit and loved them so much she bought another pair today !

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