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Westfield Street Fair

June 9, 2007

This was our best street fair so far !  The fair was set up in the Westfield train station parking lot.  We had an end space this time. On our left was a vendor selling hand made jewelry and across from us was the pony rides.  It was a very good location. People milled around looking at the ponies and would wander over to our table.

Many people stopped by to look at our pink ribbon items.  Big hits today were the water bottles and the stress balls.

Jane’s first attempt at earrings was a huge success ! Two of the three pairs sold.  She made long earrings with pink ribbon crystal charms at the ends. She’s going to have to go into mass production mode and make a large supply for our next fundraiser.

I learned alot about setting up our table over the past 3 fairs. It’s down to a science. I have a rolling milk cart which is filled with the earrings, collection jar, and other breakables.  The pink “flair” goes into a huge ziplock bag. I have a chair that folds into a backroll that I can strap on.  And finally, the picnic table sits on top of the rolling cart.  I can set up and break down the display in under 10 minutes.  Most important are the large binder clips and clothes pins used to keep everything from blowing away.  Despite the wind today, nothing blew away.

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