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Hello this is Karen calling…..

June 25, 2007

Karen and KelleyI spent today working as a telemarketer. You know, one of those people you hang up on 🙂

I volunteered at the Avon Walk office in NY making phone calls to remind people about an Introduction Meeting being held tomorrow night. Most of the time I reached a voice message, which was great. I simply read the script and hung up. Someone should invent a technology where one can choose one’s call to go directly to voicemail. Of the Seventy-plus people I called, only 2 hung up after I said “Hello, this is Karen and I’m a volunteer with Avon Walk for Breast Cancer”. Not bad.
Now mind you, I was not infringing on the “do not call registry”. All the people on the list had requested to be contacted by the walk organization.

So next time you get a telemarketing call, it might just be me calling.

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  1. The favorite son permalink
    June 28, 2007 3:19 pm

    Telemarketing! Man…you’ve joined the dark side. I remember some of my favorite childhood moments were when telemarketers called the house and you answered them truthfully and sarcastically as possible. Oh good times. Good luck raising money for your walk in OCT!

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