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Earthbound Angels makes the list

August 13, 2007

Earthbound Angels made the latest Avon Teams newsletter. We are one of 47 teams who have more than 10 members. We currently have 16, which means we have preferential tenting on Saturday night. A few of our team members have already decided on the team-hoteling option. As far as I’m concerned, Marriotts are only a half step above camping. I’ve been a little spoiled with business travel, having stayed at the Ritz Carlton, W, and similar hotels. Of course when it’s my dime, I stay at Comfort Inn or similar establishment. 🙂

You’ve got to love some of the team names. People are so creative.
From the newsletter:

While there are benefits of being a team, there are even more benefits of being a team of ten or more. Team Captains with teams of ten or more walkers will receive an exclusive 2007 Team Captain Hat! Teams of 10 or more are also eligible for TEAM TENTING. Team Tenting provides you the opportunity to choose your tentmates before the event and they will already be assigned before you arrive! This will help cut down on check-in time for large teams and ensure that everyone has side by side tents. I’ll be distributing more specific information to eligible teams as we get closer to the event.

Congratulations to… Clubs for the Cure, Solo Strutters USA, Team Avon, Peggy’s Spirit, Wellness Warriors, Shore to Find the Cure, Sole Ryeders, Sole Mates, Hartstrings, Avon Mini Walks, Walk Together, E*Trade Financial, Mohawk Spirit, Team Delaware, Pink Socs, Pom Pom Buddies, Team Cares, Saving “The Girls,” Team Eileen, Warren Walkers, Boobala’s, Pink Pandemonium, Simply the Breast, The Boob Squad, Breast Friends Forever, Earthbound Angels, AVON GOLD COAST DIVISION, Briarcliff Breakfast Club, Pink Pearls, The Pink Ribbons, Berry Breast Friends, Team Verizon Wireless, Brest Buddies, E*Trade Financial NJ, Erin Go Bra, Grace Under Fire!, Lifesavers, Lore’s Brest Friends, Starbucks Sirens, Team Serena, Wind Beneath Our Wings, GoldenGlutes, We Walk, Woo-Hoo Girls, Woo-Who! For Tricia, Worth the Walk.

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