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Super administrative assistant

August 27, 2007

I spent my day off at the Avon Foundation in NY city. I was asked to perform a few administrative tasks.

  1. Reviewing e-mails sent to Sarah, I created a spreadsheet of volunteers.
  2. Organizing the paperwork for event day drivers.
  3. Adding edits to the event route driving directions.

I think I impressed the ladies with my admin skills… the spreadsheet contained the names and email address of the volunteers (as requested). What I added were decorative column headers, a detailed breakdown of each meeting the volunteers would attend, as well as a total count of the number of volunteers who would be attending each meeting. For the driver paperwork, I alphabetized the documents (as requested). In addition, I placed a sticker on each set of documents detailing what was missing: Form, copy of driver license and/or vehicle registration.  While I added the comments to the route document, I used Google maps to make sure that the route information was correct. I noticed a few errors, and added this information to the document.
Later during a teleconference, I provided input on what I have done to raise funds for the walk I have to admit I really enjoy performing these assigned tasks. It is a break from my typical day of managing a department of 19; completing more work while not being able to replace 2 headcount and with 20% less budget than the previous year. My company has been on a cost reduction kick since March.  When the layoffs come, maybe I could get a job as a secretary some place.  I think I would be a pretty good one.

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