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Low-lifes and other office scourges

August 30, 2007

To raise a little more money, I went to Costco and purchased a box of candy bars and small packs of crackers and cookies. I put them in a bowl with an envelop labeled “Eat Candy – Help women with breast cancer. Candy bars $1 each. Please place money in envelop”. The first box I put out contained 30 bars and after the last bar was taken, there were $30 in the envelop. I refilled the bowl this week. Yesterday I checked the envelop. There were more bars taken than dollars in the envelop.

What is it with people. I don’t see how one can steal from women with cancer. I told a few people at work and each one said “What did you expect. That’s the kind of people that work here”. One woman told me that in her department a coworker had placed a wrapped package labeled with her name in the fridge. The package contained 24 chicken cutlets which she was taking to a co-worker’s home after work. A group was going to sit shiva (a seven day mourning period). When she went to get the package, half of the chicken was missing.

I guess I am just foolish in thinking that people are inherently good. Do things like this happen in your office or is it just my company that has low-lifes?

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  1. August 30, 2007 9:25 pm

    That is certainly one of the things that I do not miss
    about not having a “real job”! But keep in your mind that what one sows, they will reap. Those nasty nabbers will get theirs someday! congradulatons on reaching your fundraising goals. I walk for Juvenile Diabetes
    and it is challenging raising the money. Have you ever
    thought of having jewelry party fundraiser? I sell
    Silpada Designs Sterling Silver Jewelry in home parties
    and I love doing fundraisers! I live in New Jersey about an hour from NYC, let me know if you would like more information and God Bless you for your fantastic
    efforts for Breast Cancer! Karen

  2. Lulu permalink
    August 31, 2007 2:17 pm

    You must work at my company! It is a shame to see such despicable actions on behalf of your colleagues. Keep you wallet locked up, your cell phone in your pocket and your head on your shoulders.

    Good luck with the walk. I walked last year and it was a wonderful experience.

  3. Swissmiss permalink
    September 8, 2007 9:46 pm

    it would not happen where i work as there is nothing really nothing i would like

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