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The ladies of Loantaka

September 1, 2007
What a great way to spend a Saturday morning. The weather was perfect for a long walk. Unlike last week, there was no humidity, instead bright blue skies and a light breeze.
We have a core group of dedicated walkers that has been showing up each week. Many of these ladies are walking in their first Avon Walk.
As you can see from the photo of me on the left, I have a mark on my right upper arm.

This is only one of many patches of poison ivy that is covering my arms, neck and ear. Two weeks ago, I cleared poison ivy out of my garden. I had geared up so that I looked like I was cleaning a toxic waste dump. No rash ensued.
Last weekend, figuring all the ivy was gone, I spent the morning gardening in a tank top. The one mistake I made was the gloves. I used the same ones as the week before which must have had residual plant oil. While I was gardening, I swatted at bugs, brushed dirt off my arms, all the while spreading the oil. Guess I need to go and buy a new pair of gloves.

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