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T -7 days: Last Saturday training walk

September 29, 2007

With only seven days to go before the walk, we had our last Saturday morning training walk today. Twelve walkers showed up on this absolutely fabulous fall morning.

The path was particularly crowded today. There was a 5K run/walk for the Childhood Cancer Foundation. The runners were not particularly nice. Granted, the path is narrow, it is difficult to get by, but one runner almost knocked over Lisa. And not even an “Excuse me”. Another runner yelled “Track” as she passed. Jamie and her mom had no idea what this meant. The runner was annoyed with them for not moving over. Everyone who has ever passed me on the path has said “Left”, which makes sense to me, they are alerting me that they will be coming around my left side. I have never heard of “Track” before.

One would think that people who run or walk for charity would be more kind and considerate that the average person. Apparently not. Well, at least they Childhood Cancer folks were finished before we started our second lap of the park. The path was much more deserted and our second 7.5 miles were uneventful.

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