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‘Twas the night before the walk

October 5, 2007

Yes, finally walk weekend is here ! I’ve packed my bag: 2 pairs of sneakers, 8 pairs of socks, mole skin for blisters. Have to remember to bring along my big brimmed beach hat to protect against a day spent in the sun. Last year I ended up with a bright red sunburn on my nose and cheeks. Jeremy is going to come into the city with me this afternoon. I think he’s going because I told him there would be over 4,000 women at the hotel 🙂

The team is going to meet up around 7:00 pm. Then a good night’s sleep and we’re off to the starting point early Saturday morning. This will be the last entry until after the walk. Hopefully you have been entertained with my musings and narrations. There will be one additional post with a recap of the walk as well as photos.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me during the past 6 months, both in the form of encouragement and donations. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many great people along the way.

To The Ladies of Loantaka, the training miles passed quickly due to your friendly chats.

To my colleagues at Novartis, thank you for purchasing the earrings and bracelets… and to the person who took the candy without paying, it’s not to late to donate.

To the ladies at Avon Foundation, it was wonderful working with you. You are an inspiration and you all ROCK !

To friends and family, thank you for putting up with my never-ending talk about the walk and breast cancer.

In the words of one breast cancer survivor I met, “Hopefully in the near future, this walk will be for exercise only”. From her mouth to God’s ears !

Oct 6
Mostly Sunny
86°/63° 20%
Oct 7
Few Showers
84°/57° 30%
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