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Final Statisitics for Earthbound Angels

November 9, 2007

Totals from the Earthbound Angels team are very impressive ! We had 28 team members and everyone raised at least $1,800 so everyone was eligible to walk. Eight walkers raised between $2,000-$2,999, seven raised between $3,000-$3,999, four raised between $4,000-$4,999, and two raised over $5,000 !

The team had a total of 1059 gifts amounting to a grand total of $86,864. This placed the Earthbound Angels at #8 in the overall standings for New York teams.

1 Clubs for the Cure $299,052.47
2 Solo Strutters USA $159,767.15
3 Team Avon $148,322.05
4 Sole Ryeders $130,389.50
5 Peggy’s Spirit $99,829.69
6 BooBeesNYC $99,592.00
7 Made for Walking $97,698.18
8 Earthbound Angels $86,864.00
9 Wellness Warriors $73,361.00
10 Hartstrings $72,249.95
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