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Knit one, purl two

April 5, 2008
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Over the Christmas holiday, Mom showed me how to knit. After a couple of practice pieces, I knit my first piece. A scarf. And of course, one needs a hat to go with one’s scarf. This necessitated learning how to knit a hat, a little trickier than a scarf. I found a pattern where the hat is knit on straight needles and then the seam is sewn to finish it. It took a while, but the finished product actually looked like a hat. A little lopsided and full of dropped stitches, but wearable.

And now I am hooked on knitting. After improving my skills on the straight needles, it was time to try circular needles. I found a simple hat pattern and began knitting in the round. When I reached the upper portion of the hat, it was time to learn one more skill – double point needles. It was awkward at first, but with practice and a lot of patience, I was able to finish the hat.

I’m hoping to sell the hats at the craft fairs to raise money for my Avon Walk. If they don’t sell, I will donate them to a cancer treatment center.

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