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Summit Street Fair

April 27, 2008

It was another cold, overcast day for the Summit Street Fair. Non-profits were given 1/2 spaces and I was to share a space with the Summit Playhouse. Fortunately, a number of vendors were no-shows, so I was able to move to an empty space. Despite the less than stellar weather, the crowd turnout was pretty good. Because of the chilly temperature, wool hats were in demand. I sold 2 of the hats my mom knit and one of mine.

I put 3 copies of Darryl’s book on the table with a sign. A woman purchased a copy. This makes it the first book sold ! During the afternoon, a woman walked by with 2 dogs, one of them a beautiful Keeshond who looked just like Scruffy.

The day was very successful, with the total raised $200. My total for the walk thus far is $761. Only $1,039 to go to make the $1,800 walk commitment.

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