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Fishawack huge success !

June 14, 2008

Despite the 88 F temperature, the festival was very well attended. I had a spot in between a vendor who sold jewelry and a vendor who sold hand quilted pillow covers. Cathy came out and kept me company. She brought along a number of new wool hats to sell.

OK, back in February it seemed like a really good idea to knit hats to raise money for the walk. And some sold during the Millburn and Summit street fairs where the weather was chilly. With temps in the high 80’s and everyone doing their best to keep cool, wool hats were not a “hot item”.

Earrings and bracelets sold very well, as did the knit cell phone covers. I recently found a pattern in a book and made 3 to gauge popularity. 2 of the 3 sold !

One of the learnings from previous craft fairs was the need to accept credit cards. A friend suggested using the Avon donation coupons. The buyer simply fills out the coupon with the information and I send it in to Avon. Smart ! This lead to an additional $100 in sales today.

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