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A beautiful day for a walk

August 16, 2008

Chicken Cat-ciatore

The weather today was nothing short of spectacular for a walk.  Sunny, low humidity, mid 70’s.  We had about a dozen ladies turn out for today’s training walk. With only 49 days until the NY Avon Walk, training is shifting into high gear.  We did our usual 7 mile walk and then 6 of us continued for a total of 10 miles.  Next time we’ll move up to 15 miles.  That will get us ready for more than half of the first day and all of the second day.

I’m still having “sneaker issues”.  I bought a pair of Asics running shoes for last year’s walk.  They were fine during training, but I ended up with huge blisters by the end of Day 1.  I wore them a couple of times this year during training walks and was ending up with blisters along the inside heel area on both feet.  I decided the blisters were being caused by insoles that were not sitting correctly in the shoes, causing chafing.  I bought a new pair of cushioned insoles.  After the 10 mile walk today, the left foot is fine, but the right foot has minor irritation, which I have a sneaking suspicion would blossom into a full fledged blister by the 20 mile maker.

Yes, I am just being cheap and I should just go and get a new pair of sneakers. But I spent $90 on these shoes and I haven’t put very many miles on them.  At the very least, I could wear these on the second day of the walk this year. I’ll just have to remember to put a Band-aid and moleskin on before the I head out.  The smart thing would be to break down, get a new pair of shoes and keep these for shorter walks.

On a completely different note, as I am sitting here typing, the kitten is having a great time knocking everything off the table.  Life is a cat toy, apparently.

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