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Underground Guide to Breast Cancer Walks

August 20, 2008

Geri sent me the fantastic article written by Larry Roshfeld.  It provides a comprehensive view of engaging in fundraising walks.  There is detailed information on what to pack and how to pack, tenting, training, porta potties, etc.

Somethings I didn’t know:

Bring 8 clothespins or black binder clips. They are used to clip the tarp tightly to the top of your tent, otherwise it will flap in the breeze and drive you crazy as you try to sleep.

If you wear a knit hat to bed (e.g. a ski cap), it will keep you much warmer while you sleep, since you tend to lose a lot of heat from your head. And no one but your tent mate will ever know. This is particularly helpful if you don’t have much hair on your head.

As a rule of thumb, your clothing (with the exception of your jacket, sneakers, fanny pack, sleeping bag and air mattress/pad) should fit into a paper grocery bag (just to measure). If you’ve got more than that, you maybe bringing too much.

Click her to read the guide: Underground Guide (2008)

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