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NY Walk Route Sneak Peak

August 23, 2008

The Avon NY Walker Buddies provided us a sneak peak of the route at ROUTE PREVIEW DAY. We were able to walk part of the actual Avon Walk route.  There were two training walks, a 13 mile as well as a 6 mile, to help get everyone ready for those longer distances.  A table was set up on the path near the Hudson River at 72nd Street and a large group gathered there for the training event.

We headed north and walked along the river up to 125th Street at which point we turned onto Riverside Drive.  Stopping at the “REST STOP” at 72nd Street, Tara had snacks, water and Gatorade waiting for us.  Those walkers who were completing the 13 mile trek walked on down the Hudson River to Perry Street.  There was a sign posted there telling us to turn around. We walked back up to 72nd Street, where pizza and snacks were being served.

Sadie, sporting a blue helmet and matching bike gear, was our route guide as she waited for us at 125th Street and then Perry Street.  Good thing she had that fast bicycle of hers.

Two ladies from the Loantaka walks showed up.  It was great to see Linda and Lisa.  Lisa brought her friend Karen along and the two of them set a fast pace.  By the time Linda and I arrived at the end, they were already gone.  Linda and I completed the walk in a very respectable 4 hours and 15 minutes.

I took some pictures of the sights along the way….

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