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Hunting season – be wery, wery quiet.

November 23, 2008
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Any hunting dog worth her kibble should have a camouflage coat for those brisk early morning hunts. The rabbits and squirrels wont see Ruby in the coat I just finished knitting her.

Any hunting dog worth her kibble should have a camouflage coat for those brisk early morning hunts. The rabbits and squirrels won't see Ruby in her new jacket - she blends into the brush.

A friend asked if I would knit a camouflage hat for her niece.  I went to Michael’s Craft Store thinking I would need to buy 4 – 5 skeins of green and brown yarn.  While scanning the yarn aisle for possible color combinations, I spotted Bernat yarn in of all things, camouflage. Not only was there the traditional forest color, but there were desert and arctic varieties as well.

On the label was a photo of a Schnauzer wearing a camouflage coat.  You can guess where this thread is headed.

We adopted Ruby the Beagle in June.  As Ruby is of the hound persuasion and therefore a hunting variety of dog, it only makes sense that she have a camouflage coat.  The pattern listed sizes from S-XL.  The XL was for a dog with a chest measurement of 24 inches.  The coat must be meant for small breeds of dogs, because I can’t imagine a Labrador or Golden being that small.   Bernat offers the pattern free on their website: Camouflage – Dog Coat With Cargo Pockets (knit)

Our gal Ruby is zaftig, with a chest size of 25 inches.  When we brought her home, she weighed 44 pounds, about 20 pounds more than she should weigh.  She’s on a diet and has been loosing about a pound a month.  That said, I had to finagle the pattern so that it would fit her.  This is my first attempt at making a dog sweater AND modifying a pattern.  The results aren’t too bad, but if I make this pattern again, I won’t add as many stitches to the collar.  The sweater would look better if the collar opening was higher and smaller.

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  1. Melody permalink
    February 5, 2010 9:35 am

    Great job on the sweater!
    I am currently making a similar sweater from the Bernat website, but I don’t understand the part at the legs where it says to use a separate ball of yarn for each leg section. Where do I tie on the second ball? This part of the pattern is not nearly explicit enough and I can’t get past it by following the pattern. I may end up modifying the pattern if I have to, but I’d rather not if it can be helped.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

    • February 5, 2010 10:01 am

      Hi Melody,
      It’s because of the leg holes that you need two balls. When you cast off the stitches for the second leg hole you will need the second ball of yarn to continue… see my comments in the [ ]
      Leg Openings: Next row: (RS).
      K5 (5-7-11). Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. [this is for the first leg opening]
      K36 (46-56-80) (including st on needle after cast off).
      Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. [this is the second leg opening. After the last cast off is where you will need to add the second ball of yarn]
      Knit to end of row.
      Note: All Leg sections are worked at the same time using separate balls of yarn for each section.

      Or you can cheat like I did, and knit up to the second leg hole – place remaining stitches on a holder. Turn the work here and knit until you have reached the desired length. When you finish with this section, put these stitches on another holder. Go back to the first stitch holder and reattach the yarn here and knit down. Now you can return to the pattern for the Joining Row instructions.

      Hope this helps.

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