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Baristas at the Madison Starbuck are the best !

January 10, 2009
Huge yarn ball

Really big yarn ball

I started a stitch and bitch (S&B) at our local Starbucks last fall. We meet once a week to knit and crochet and more importantly attempt to solve the World’s problems. We knit items which are donated to various charities. One of the barista’s works with the homeless, so we knit and crocheted 6 hats for her. During the Christmas season, the cafe was decorated with green balls of yarn and red shiny ornaments. There were yarn wreaths on the windows, yarn garlands, and a huge green yarn ball on one of the display tables. Wasn’t it wonderful of Starbucks to choose a yarn theme for us ? Just before New Year’s I asked one of the barista’s if I could have a wreath after the holidays. On our S&B night last week, I went to the counter to get my cup of tea and the barista said she had something for me. She presented me with the wreath that was mounted on a stand. I was so excited to get it.

Today, Darryl and I went to sit in Starbucks. As we were settling into the armchairs, one of the barista’s came over and said there were a few of the yarn decorations left, would I like them. Hello, YES ! She gave me the huge green yarn ball and 2 of the small garlands. I’m thinking of sitting the yarn ball on my desk at work. It’ll make a really cool paperweight 🙂

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