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Scruffy the Legend blog now available

January 10, 2009
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Charlie and Ruby

My husband published his memorior of our dog Scruffy last year.   The book has sold about 170 copies on  Most interestingly, a person from Japan purchased a copy of the book late last year and is now in the process of translating it to Japanese on their blog.  They are even going to the trouble of inserting photos from our website.  My husband is getting a huge kick out of this – he is now an International author!

I have added a blog to his Scruffy website so that he can log his thoughts about our new dogs, Ruby and Charlie.  There is already a post about how we adopted Charlie, our latest Keeshond.  My friend Margaret located 2 Keeshonden who needed a new home.  She could only take one, so she called me to see if we would be able to adopt the other one.  As I told my husband, we had no choice but to adopt Charlie. After all, as the internationally acclaimed author of Scruffy the Legend, we had to have at least on Keeshond in residence.

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