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Finally, a company with excellent customer service

January 16, 2009
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I ordered a tie from as a Christmas present for Darryl.  As the internationally renowned author of Scruffy the Legend, I though it was only appropriate that he have a tie with a picture of his book.

I placed the order on the Snapfish website and received a confirmation that it would be shipped on December 24.  To my surprise, I found a package on the stoop on December 22.  Opening the package, I found a very attractive tie with repeating pictures of a golden retriever.  As cute as the dog was, he was no Scruffy.

I contacted Snapfish, expecting to have to argue about getting the tie exchanged.  Instead, the gentleman I spoke to was very apologetic.  He said he was sorry for ruining my Christmas !  WOW.  I never expected that kind of response.   I assured him that Christmas was not ruined, not even slightly damaged because of the mix up.   He said that Snapfish would rush processing the correct tie and express mail it to me.  He apologized again because it would not make it by Christmas morning.  WOW.  I reassured him, that there was no rush and whenever the tie arrived it would be OK.

He finished the call by telling me, because of Snapfish’s error, I would receive a full refund.  WOW.   Snapfish has the best customer service that I have every encountered.   I highly recommend them for your photo needs.  I will be a repeat customer, for sure.

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