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When memories and realities clash

February 2, 2009


Darryl recently found a blog from Japan on which the blogger is translating his book, Scruffy the Legend, into Japanese.  Today’s entry is the chapter on 9/11.  The blogger included the photo from the book of your’s truly and Scruffy sitting on the grass of Liberty State Park with the Towers of Light in the background.

Each year we go to view the 9/11 memorial.  It’s a very moving experience to view the New York city skyline, the dark night sky and the twin beams of light.

Having lived within 20 miles of New York  city my entire life, the Towers were always part of the backdrop of my memory.  I remember the first time I saw the Towers was on a school field trip in the early 70’s.  We were on the Circle Line boat cruising around Manhattan.

The Towers were clearly visible when driving on the Turnpike to my job in Teaneck, from a high spot in town, and of course from just about any place from the water along lower Manhattan.  They turned up in a number of photos I recently found, including one from that boat ride in ’72.  There is one of my husband with the buildings in the background, taken some thirty years later.

Even eight since the terrorist attack, there is still something unnerving about not seeing the World Trade Towers jutting upwards from the vast forest of buildings.  Even though my rational brain knows what happened, there is another part that can’t quite come to terms with the void.  I doubt it ever will.

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