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Not just Whistlin’ Dixie – awesome crew party

February 7, 2009

The Avon Walk Crew party was held at Whistin’ Dixie in NY city this weekend.  Jane, Carol, Eloise and I drove in to Manhattan on Saturday to attend the party.  Sitting on the stools near the door were Karen and her husband, known to the walkers as Spike on a Bike.  He was hard to recognize with out his trademark spiked hat.

Our hostess, Jessica, greeted us when we came in.  She said that 90+people  had RSVPed for the event.   She did a fantastic job organizing the party.  It didn’t take long before the bar was packed with crew members.

The walk’s Medical Director, Dr. Warren Wexelman, a.k.a. the “Rock Doc” , and his band kept the crowd entertained throughout the event.  Jessica even treated the audience with a song.  Look out – we may just have a new American Idol.

Less than 100 days until I crew at Quick Stop B at the Boston Avon Walk.  I’m looking forward to reprising my role as a barmaid at O’Malley’s Pub.  The best Quick Stop !

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