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Diddle, diddle, dumpling, one shoe off and one shoe on

February 8, 2009

dsc_7077I went to the gym yesterday morning to work out. One of the trainers commented on my foot wear. He asked if I knew that I had two different sneakers on. I thought I had put on my purple striped Adidas. These are the ones that I use when I am not walking long distance as the instep in the right one feels higher than the left, and thus is annoying. See previous post on sneaker issues –>

When I looked down, I saw the purple Adidas on my left foot and the gold striped Asics on my right.  The interesting thing was that the shoes felt comfortable.

Carol, Jane and I took advantage of the 50F+ sunny day to go on a long walk on Sunday morning.  For giggles, I decided to try the two sneakers from yesterday to see how they would feel on a long walk.   We walked 5.8 miles around Harding Township.  There are some amazing houses out there. I guess house is the wrong term,  more appropriately they would be called estates.   I always wonder why people need such large places to live.  I think I would feel lost in a big place.

Back to the sneakers, turns out, the Adidas and Asics combination was very comfortable.  Maybe I can start a new fashion trend – mismatched sneakers.

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