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First attempt at crocheting

February 10, 2009

dsc_7079The Cancer Hope stitching group at work gave me a pattern for a crochet child’s blanket.  Marge showed me how to make a 1/2 crochet stitch last week at our S&B.  I have been stitching away since on the blanket.  I’m about 8 rows from the end and I noticed that the beginning of the blanket is 6 inches narrower than the end.  Hopefully Marge can help me fix it.  I would hate to have to rip out the entire blanket.

Jargon alert:  Frogging is the term for unraveling one’s project.  Why is it called frogging you ask ?  Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.


I bought a large ball of yarn from Michael’s for the blanket.  The name on the lable says it all, “one pound“.  It is a huge ball of yarn and of course I am creating quite a tangled mess with it.  There has to be away to prevent the yarn from ending up in a knotting clump, but I have yet to figure it out.

Crocheting is going much faster than knitting.  Once I get the knack of it, I’ll have to try making something to wear.  Marge makes really pretty hats.  She made a bunch which she donated to a hospital for children undergoing chemotherapy.  Each hat used a different pattern.  It’s amazing how many stitch patterns there are considering it all comes from a single ball of yarn and one hooked needle.

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