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“Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century.”- Marshall McLuhan

February 28, 2009

screenhunter_01-feb-28-1150My friend Jayme told me that her son had added Google Adwords to his blog.  To date he has earned about $100. Hmmm… hamster spinning crazily in the wheel in my head.  Seems like another way I can generate some funds for my upcoming Avon Walk.  It was surprisingly easy to sign up and generate the necessary code.  As you can see on the right side bar of the blog, I have added one of the ad configurations.  I chose the wide skyscraper model which provides up to 5 ads.  The selection offers both print and graphic ads, so at some point there might be a photo displayed as well.

Google apparently has an algorithm for looking at the content of a website and generating relevant ads.  I did not choose anything regarding the category of ads to be shown, yet they all appear to be around breast cancer.  The majority of the ads so far have been for the Avon Walk, Femara (a Novartis breast cancer drug),  a site that sells pink ribbon items, and an Oreck Vacuums tie in with the Komen foundation.

I started running the ads 16 days ago and have generated $7.57 in revenue.  Not bad considering less than 10 visitors a day come to the website.  So, based on the current daily average of $0.47 x 224 days left to the walk, I could generate around $100 !

Who said advertising is evil ?  In this case, it is nothing short of virtuous.

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