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Wearing of the green

March 18, 2009

Cathy and I went to the local St. Patrick’s day parade last Saturday.  There was an amazing number of people who turned out to watch the parade.

We walked to the parade staging area to look around.  Great photo op.  The band members were practicing, the cheerleaders and girl scouts were putting the last touches to their coiffures.

There were many dog breeds gathering together.  There was a cluster of Dachshunds, including one little guy in a wheel cart.  Scruffy had one of those carts, too.  Great invention.  Allows the dogs to walk without using their hind legs.  Right behind the Dachshunds were the Irish Wolfhounds.  You can’t get much more extreme dog breeds together than those two. Perhaps Chihuahuas.

Some of the dogs were colored green and there were a couple that were colored in stripes of green, white and orange.  If the spray is the same as the one I used in my hair for the Avon Walk, you definitely want to keep them off the couch.  That stuff smears on everything.

While walking back to Main Street, we saw Governor Corzine posing for photos with some cub scouts.  We worked our way through the throng of people to where Cathy’s parents were waiting.  They had set up chairs along the curb.  Perfect vantage point to see the parade in comfort.  I think every bag piper in the state was in attendance.  I have never seen so many in one place.

It was fun watching the kids.  Both the ones matching and the ones lining the route.  The parade lasted over two and a half hours. In all I took 559 photos.  I started shooting in RAW format, but had to switch to JPEG as I was running out of room on the 2GB SD card. I used both of the battery packs I brought along. I really love digital cameras.  With my old film camera, I probably would not have taken more than 2 rolls of 36 print film, thereby missing some really great shots.

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