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Searching for Spring in New York City

March 21, 2009

Although Spring arrived at 7:44 a.m., Mother Nature must have forgotten to mark it on her calendar.  I awoke to snow flakes and a light dusting covering the yard.  I went to New York City to photograph Spring’s arrival.  Climbing out of Penn Station, I was greeted with dark gray skies and a cold wind.  No Spring here.  I walked down 7th Avenue through Chelsea.  People were bundled up against the cold.  I turned east and walked around Gramercy to Union Park.  Here I found the first signs of Spring.  The Green Market was open.  Vendors had spring flowers, tulips, daffodils, and pansies, on display.   In the Summer, the market has a wonderful array of locally grown produce.  Today, the selection was limited to apples and cider, breads, cheese, plants and other non-produce items.

Despite being dressed for the cold, I decided to turn around and go home.  The lighting was not the best for photography.  I did stop at B& H Photo on my way back to the train to pick up more memory cards for my camera.  I use a Nikon D50 which is not all that old.  Technology has changed enough in the past 4 years since I purchased the camera that the maximum SD card the camera can use is 2GB. The RAW file format I shoot in allows for 274 pictures on a 2GB.

B&H is a photographer’s candy shoppe.  It is 2 stories packed with anything and everything one could dream of for photography and video.  I wandered around looking at all the camera paraphernalia.  One of the things on my wish list is a fish eye lens.   It provides a 180 degree view, creating  a distortion which can be used to accentuate subjects.  The Nikon lens sells for over $900.  I stopped at the used camera counter to see if there were any for sale.  Unfortunately the only one they had was already spoken for.  Even used, the lens sells for over $600.  And yes, I know that I can make the same effect in Photoshop, but it just isn’t the same.

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