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Got to go…got to go… got to go….

March 26, 2009

restroomWalking long distances has many wonderful aspects; exercise, sight-seeing, meditation, communing with nature.  But when nature calls, it can be a problem.  The Avon Walk foundation has taken care of this most basic of needs during the walk – every two miles there is a long line of green port-a-potties standing at the ready.  They are surprisingly clean and always stocked with plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

So what is one to do on a training walk ?  I came across this website site today –>    Procter & Gamble Co.’s Charmin brand wants to make it easy for you to find a restroom — via a free mobile social-networking utility, SitOrSquat.  You can access it online or download the app to your Blackberry or iPhone.   Don’t have a smartphone?  You can view the map online, too.  Just type in your location and you’ll see markers indicating the location of the potty and it’s cleanliness rating. 

As of last month, SitOrSquat had logged more than 52,000 toilets in 10 countries, more than half a million unique visitors and more than 1,600 downloads of its mobile apps.   There is the option to add a toilet.   I noticed that the restrooms on the Loantaka trail are not listed, so I need to figure out how to upload the information.

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