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Fish eye view of dogs

April 4, 2009
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I purchased a new lens for my camera today – a Nikkor Fisheye.  It offers an ultra-wide picture angle of 180 degrees.  This lens not only produces extreme barrel distortion but also exaggerates the relative size of objects to conform to its format: objects near the center appear larger than those at the edges and they show less barrel distortion. The entire field of view is pushed into the distance and spatial relations are transformed, and with a slight shift of the camera, new distortions are created.

It takes really interesting photos of dogs, causing their noses to become very long.  The other interesting use of the lens is to capture wide angle shots.  With my normal lens, I would have to stand farther back in the yard to capture the entire rear of our house.  With the fisheye lens, not only do I get our house, but our neighbors on the right and left sides, too.

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