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Avon Walk introduction meeting at Livingston Library

April 9, 2009

Went to the Livingston Library to help Tara with an Avon Walk for Breast Cancer introduction meeting.  Turnout was very good, 19 ladies.  Tara gave a full run down of what one can expect on the walk.  Topics included

  • the joy of the shower trucks – lots and lots of hot water which feels wonderful on those achy muscles
  • delicious oatmeal at breakfast
  • the tent angels (girl scouts and boy scouts) who help set up the pup tents, including the one in a pink tiara and sash
  • the importance of marking one’s bag for ease of identification – with something other than the a pink ribbon – 100’s of black bags with pink ribbons, not very unique
  • seeing minor celebrities along the walk route
  • telling a story about a friend’s whose mother died of breast cancer
  • fund raising strategy: bakeless bake sale
  • wearing wicking material as the first layer of clothing
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