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This week’s fundraising tip: Pink ribbon pins

April 10, 2009

For the past couple of years, I have used the following strategy very successfully.   Start by going to your local craft store and purchasing a roll of pink ribbon and a package of safety pins.  Spend an evening or two making pink ribbon pins.

You can find instructions here on how to make them.  I added a pink rose to some of the pins.  They are hot glued onto the ribbon.  Michael’s Craft store carries colored safety pins and I thought they added a little extra pizazz to the pin.

Once you have your stash of ribbon pins, you need to find a place where you can distribute them,  Many supermarkets will let you stand outside the store and solicit donations.  Our local Starbucks was also very agreeable.  I did have some store managers say no.  In 2007,  the Kings Supermarket chain let me stand in front of their store.  There was a policy change in 2008 which banned such activities.  The WalMart in Morris Plains said no, but I am told that other WalMarts have allowed people to fundraise.

Some stores require proof that your fundraising effort is legitimate.  Contact your walker buddy.  They will send you a letter from the Avon Foundation attesting to the fact that you are collecting donations on behalf of them.

Fundraising – Setting up your location:

  • Set yourself up near the entrance, not too close as to block or restrict the flow of traffic.
  • Wear your Avon Walk t-shirt.
  • Set up a small table,  TV trays are perfect.  Cover it with a pink table cloth.
  • Tape the Walk poster on the side of the table.  You should have received one in your welcome package.  You can print more from the site.  There is a link on the left side of your participant center webpage.
  • Place a clear plastic jar on the table.  I find the large plastic pretzel containers to be perfect.  They are deep and have a cover to “prevent the money from walking away” when you are engaged in conversation.
  • Consider placing a small dish with candy on the table.
  • Have your coupon book and a bunch of pens available for those who want to write a check or use a credit card.

Fundraising – The strategy:

  • As people pass by,  hand them a pin and  ask  if they “will wear pink to show support for those fighting breast cancer”.
  • Don’t ask for a donation, just hand out pins.
  • Most people will put a dollar or two into the jar.  Some will put much more.
  • Be prepared to listen to stories about loved ones who are fighting breast cancer and those who have passed away.  Consider having a small package of Kleenex available.

Over the course of a day, I was able to raise between $100 and  $350 using the above strategy.

Variations on the theme:

  • Crochet pink ribbon pins.  Instructions here.
  • Beaded safety pins with pink ribbon design. Instructions here.
  • Pink ribbon brooch in felt.  Instructions here.
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