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This weeks fundraising tip: Mother’s Day Tea Party

April 15, 2009

Host a Mother’s Day Tea Party.  Invite your friends and their mothers, your friends and their daughter, and any combination of relatives.  Ask each guest to make a donation towards your walk.

Serve a few varieties of teas, for example, a black tea, a flavored black tea blend like Earl Grey, a green tea and and an herbal tea.

Your menu could include Carrot ginger tea sandwiches, Cherry scones, Grapefruit ambrosia, and Orange poppy seed cake. Check out a full list of high tea recipes.

Brewing a perfect cup of tea:

The traditional method of making a cup of tea is to place loose tea leaves, either directly, or in a tea infuser, into a tea pot or teacup and pour hot water over the leaves.  After a couple of minutes the leaves are usually removed, either by removing the infuser, or by straining the tea while serving.

The amount of tea and water differs from tea to tea but one basic recipe is one slightly heaped teaspoon of tea (about 5 ml) for each teacup of water (200 ml) (8 oz) . Stronger teas, such as Assam, to be drunk with milk are often prepared with more leaves, and more delicate high grown teas such as a Darjeeling are prepared with a little less.

Teas that have little or no oxidation period, such as a green or white tea, are best brewed at lower temperatures between 60 °C and 85 °C (140-185 °F), while teas with longer oxidation periods should be brewed at higher temperatures around 100 °C (212 °F).The higher temperatures are required to extract the large, complex, flavorful phenolic molecules found in fermented tea, although boiling the water reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

More information on Tea can be found on Wikipedia.

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