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This week’s fundraising tip: I love candy

April 18, 2009

Purchase a box of candy from one of the warehouse stores like Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club offers a 48 count box of M & M’s chocolates for just $21.48.  That comes to just $0.45 a bag.  Your profit, should you sell the bags of M & M’s for $1.00 would be $26.00.  Sam’s Club has a  Mix Chocolate Bar Variety Pack – 30 count for $12.84.

Place the box next to the coffee maker in your office.  Write a sign explaining why you are selling the candy.  Place an envelope with the box of candy.

There is a vending machine on the ground floor of the building I work in and  the candy bars sell for $0.90.  Many of my fellow office workers were very willing to spend the extra 10 cents to purchase the candy for my Walk instead of trekking downstairs.

I put the candy bars in a bowl with an envelop labeled “Eat Candy – Help women with breast cancer. Candy bars $1 each. Please place money in envelop”. The first bowl I put out contained 30 bars and after the last bar was taken, there were $30 in the envelop.  I refilled the bowl. When I checked the envelop, there were more bars taken than dollars in the envelop.

What is it with people. I don’t see how one can steal from women with cancer. I told a few people at work and each one said “What did you expect. That’s the kind of people that work here”. One woman told me that in her department a coworker had placed a wrapped package labeled with her name in the fridge. The package contained 24 chicken cutlets which she was taking to a co-worker’s home after work. A group was going to sit shiva (a seven day mourning period). When she went to get the package, half of the chicken was missing.

Do things like this happen in your office or is it just my company that has a few low-lifes roaming around?

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  1. Heather Modrow permalink
    April 18, 2009 6:15 pm

    I do this at work. I have done it for 2 years now. Last year I left the box in the teacher’s lounge and had people steal from it. Now I bring it to the teacher’s lounge WITH me when I go to lunch and take it back to my classroom when I am done. People know where to find me if they want one at a different time.

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