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This week’s fundraising tip: The streets are paved with gold

April 19, 2009

For the past few years , I have set up a table at street fairs and craft shows to raise money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Try and find fairs that do not charge too much for the space.  I did one street fair where the space cost $125 and I raised only $75 that day.   Not one of the more successful days.

Put up signage about the Walk, wear your Walk t-shirt, and generally cover everything in pink.

I make earrings and bracelets to sell.  The bracelets are made with really cheap plastic beads from Michael’s craft store, A C Moore, Walmart and Oriental Trading Company.   I string the beads on elastic cord and add a pink ribbon charm and sell them for $10 donation.  Be sure to make some smaller sizes for the little girls.  Don’t feel like making bracelets ?  Check out the ones available at Fundraising for a Cause.   They even offer a Sampler Fundraising Kit with a large selection of items.

In addition, Oriental Trading has a large stock of Pink Ribbon items and just pink colored things.   The little stuffed animals are a big hit.  They are currently on sale for 12 animals for $12.99.  Sell them for a donation of $5.00.

Place a large collection jar on the table for the money you collect.  I like to prime the jar by putting some singles in it.   As people walk by, say “Good morning”/”Beautiful day, are you enjoying the fair”, or other conversation starters.

My friend Geri, who joined me for today’s street fair, had a brilliant idea – dog biscuts !  Many people had brought their dogs to the fair.  Definately going to try this at next week’s street fair.   And don’t forget those pink ribbon pins you made.  Geri made 50 pins while we were at the fair.

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