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No fish were hurt during this festival

June 14, 2009
Linda and Carol at the Fishawack Festival

Linda and Carol at the Fishawack Festival

For the past two years, I have set up a table at the Chatham Fishawack festival.  The name conjures up very disturbing images of Tony Soprano beating fish over the head with 2 x 4’s.

The name Fishawack originates from the Lenni Lenape name for what the white settles to the area called the Passaic River  1.

While traveling in the area, the Lenape forded the Passaic River at a shallow point east of Chatham at a place they called “the Crossing of the Fishawack in the Valley of the Great Watchung.” “Fishawack” and “Passaic are two versions of the many ways early settlers tried to spell the name they heard the Indians call the river 2.

The Weather Channel had forecast a sunny day with temperatures in the high 70’s.  As it has been raining almost continuously for 2 weeks, I was looking forward to some sunshine.  Linda, Carol and I set up the table keeping an eye on the very gray clouds in the sky.  The festival opened at 10:00 am and a light rain started at 10:30.  This is not the first time the Weather Channel has been so completely off on their forecast.  The same thing happened on Day 2 of the 2008 NY Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

At least we had Linda’s tent and the rain didn’t last long.  The crowd was very light during the day, maybe the weather was keeping people inside or there were other events being held elsewhere.  Not a single person stopped for a chair massage.  We sold a few pairs of earrings and some bracelets.  In all, we raised just shy of $200 for the Walk.

The sky was becoming very dark again by 3:45pm, so we made the decision to pack up for the day.  We got everything into the cars just before it began to pour.

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