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Mulberries and adolescent robin frat boys

June 19, 2009

robin3bWhen I arrived home this afternoon, I had plans of puttering around the yard.  I went into the garage to get my gardening tools and heard something fluttering in the rafters.   Looking up, I spotted the trespasser, a juvenile robin red breast.  My husband and I spent about 2 hours chasing the bird around the inside of our garage.  This happens every year about this time.   The birds feast on the mulberries from the tree in the backyard, get drunk and for some unfathomable reason, fly into the garage. Perhaps they are looking for some place dark and quiet to sleep it off.

Read Darryl’s account of birds who over imbibe mulberry juice on his blog.  A short excerpt appears below.

Its mulberry season in my backyard.  It started rather abruptly a few days ago.  The sound of birds squabbling over something was the first sign.  Our mulberry tree is quite large and affords nice shade during much of the year.  It was planted, I guess, by some previous owner of my house.  Why – I’ll never know.  It does have a nice tree fort in it, and it seems like the perfect tree for that purpose.  I hate mulberry season.  It means that for the next month or two, the tree and the whole backyard will be full of birds – sometimes as many as several hundred at one time.  If you think red-breasted Robins are a rare and wonderful spring sight, you haven’t been to my house. Read the rest of this story.

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