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Man on the street – Darryl interviewed on TV

June 27, 2009
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Darryl was hanging out at Starbucks and was approached by roving reporter, Peter Twill, from Home Town News Network – our local public access channel.  The question posed was “with so many stores vacant in town, what would you like to see open and do you think it would survive?”

Part of Darryl’s interview ended up on the cutting room floor, or I guess keeping in line with the new technology in film editing, on a back-up storage disk.  The reporter asked him a second question: What do you do for a living?  Darryl replied that he is the author of “Scruffy the Legend” and he provided a short synopsis of the book.  Also, the camera angle was such that you can not see Darryl’s T-shirt which has an advertisement for the book printed on the front.    

What was most interesting, a number of the people said they would like to see a book store in town.  The interview was done not more than 6 store fronts from a local bookstore!    Helen’s Books and Gifts store is an independent book store carrying a nice selection.  But is seems that it may be suffering from a lack of exposure.  The owner can often be seen sitting in a wing-back chair in the store’s window reading a book with an adorable King Charles Spaniel on her lap.

Darryl gave the store 5 copies of his book.  So far, one has been sold.

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