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Office low lifes and other bottom dwellers

July 22, 2009

thiefSo it has happened again.  I placed a dish containing 6 candy bars on the cabinet outside my office.  Next to the dish is a sign that reads “$1 Candy Bars, support the fight against breast cancer” and an envelope with a large $1 written on it.   I put the bowl out this morning.  The money is going towards my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  I am $800 short of my goal and thought I could raise some money through the sale of candy bars.

I just returned from a meeting and noticed that 2 bars of candy are gone and I guess I should not be surprised, no money was put in the envelope.

I work for a large corporation, which supposedly hires ethical people.   We are required to sit through hours of “code of conduct” classes where we receive training on ethics and compliance to government regulations.

This type of behavior makes me question the caliber of the people who work here.  If a person is willing to steal candy bars, what else would s/he be willing to do?

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