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Doggy Play Date

August 16, 2009

Charlie and Ruby were invited to spend the afternoon with their friends Tyler, Stewart and Nikki.  Readers of this blog will remember that Charlie and Nikki were adopted by Karen and Margaret, respectively last December.  We arrived at Margaret and Dave’s home and were enthusiastically greeted by the gang.   Ruby echoed their greeting with her patented baying.  The truck door was opened and our dogs bounded out to sniff and circle the other dogs.

Within a few minutes they were off running around the yard. Ruby was the benefactor of Tyler’s affection.  He seemed quite smitten with her.  Maybe because they have the same coat color.  Charlie and Nikki did not interact much.  Charlie was much more interested in covering every single pee spot with his own urine. 

They dogs formed a large pack and went to hunt squirrels.  They did not find any.  Charlie took advantage of the kiddie pool to cool off after all the exercise.  Stewart made a nest under a bush and rested in the cool dirt and shade.  Ruby kept guard of the dining table, on the oft chance that something would fall off.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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