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Friday funnies: Don’t lion-down on the job

September 24, 2009



Story goes, a shop owner in Mexico was tired of thugs breaking into his auto shop so he came up with this idea of giving his guard dog a lion-like haircut.

Another version has the same story line, but the location is Arizona.

The most likely story comes from maryannaville.comThe business name of the tire shop is LEON which means LION. LEON is also the last name of the owner and as you can tell from the photos,  LEON’s pet is being useful as one of  its marketing options.

I was not able to find any other references on where the business might be located.   The large containers in the back have MexLub labels, which might indicate the photo was taken in Mexico.  The company, MexLub was dissolved in 2003 according to an article on

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