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Friday Funny – Are these toys on your Christmas list?

October 2, 2009

With Christmas just around the corner – Macy’s already has decorations for sale in their housewares department, you maybe looking for the ultimate toy to give that precious tyke in your life.  Time Magazine has compiled a list of the 10 most dubious toys.

Why let your kids play with toys that encourage their wildest flights of fancy when you can teach them the joys of standing in line and following rules? For a cool $58, you can bring your kids up to speed on airport-security regulations imposed in the fearful wake of 9/11. German company Playmobil is known for making toys and figurines that allow kids to explore real-life occupations: fireman, policeman, cowboy, pilot. This entrant, in the words of a bemused reviewer, is “great at teaching youngsters how to behave in a police state.”

To see all the toys including Breast Feeding Baby, Terrorist Legoman and Barbie’s Pregnant Friend, click–>,28804,1927306_1927313,00.html/

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