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Avon Walkers from New York visit God’s Love We Deliver

November 5, 2009

glwd20090052The 3rd annual dinner for Avon Walkers was hosted again by the wonderful folks at God’s Love We Deliver (GLWD).  We were greeted by Karen Pearl, President and CEO, Gary Snieski, Bill Gioconda, and Karen Bdera.

One of the highlights of the evening is having the opportunity to speak with clients who are currently receiving meals throught GLWD.  In the photo on the left (second row, second from left), is Janice.  I spoke to her at length about her journey with breast cancer.  She was first diagnosed over 7 years ago.  She was treated with the standard protocol of lumpectomy, radiation and chemo.  When statistics are quoted for success rates in breast cancer, it is typically agreed that 5 years with a non-recurrence is a successful outcome.  Janice passed the five year mark cancer free.

This year, 7 1/2 years since the first occurrence of breast cancer,  she found a lump.  It was a particularly aggressive tumor type.  In July, she again underwent surgery and chemo.  This time, the chemo resulted in neuropathy in her feet and hands along with a loss of taste and smell.  She now needs to use a cane to walk in order to help with balance.

She contacted a meal delivery program because she was having trouble going to the market and cooking after her chemo sessions.  Not to mention that not having a sense of taste or smell on top of the GI distress caused by chemo made eating unappealing.  Janice was told that there was at least a one month waiting list before meals could start to be delivered.  Much too long to wait… she had already lost 30 pounds and she had not started with much to spare in the first place.

A friend mentioned GLWD and Janice called.  The following day, a nutritionist met with her and developed a dietary plan specifically tailored to Janice’s needs.  Meals started to arrive the next day.

Janice is an extraordinary person.  She has an indomitable spirit. She told her oncologist that she plans to live to 104 and she expects him to do everything to ensure she reaches her goal.  I asked her to invite me to her birthday party.

God’s Love We Deliver, provides nutritious, freshly prepared meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, Alzheimers and other life-altering illnesses who cannot shop or cook for themselves. They serve people in New York City and Hudson County and Newark, New Jersey. All of their services are provided free of charge.

On average, GLWD delivers over 3,000 meals every weekday, year round. To date, GLWD has delivered over 10 million meals to clients.  In addition, they provide nutritional education and counseling, and client advocacy.

God’s Love We Deliver received $200,000 from the Avon Foundation to continue the program to provide nutrition education and meals to breast cancer patients and their families throughout the New York area. God’s Love We Deliver is part of a network of nutrition programs funded by the Avon Foundation across the country.

Watch a short video about the services they provide: . To learn more or to make a donation visit their website:   Or consider sponsoring me as I will again be participating in the GLWD Race to Deliver 4K in Central Park on November 22 to raise money for this very worthwhile organization.

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  1. Gary permalink
    November 6, 2009 1:02 pm

    Karen, it was great to see you again on Wednesday!! Thanks again for all the kind comments about God’s Love too. You’ll be pleased to know that we actually have served over 10 million meals now, but who’s counting, right?

    Hope you enjoyed those brownies!


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