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Knit combo hat and cowl = toasty

November 9, 2009

_DSC0286Now that the weather is turning colder, it is time to start knitting in earnest.  Something about having a large wool garment draped across me during the summer is just not appealing.  Knitting socks and other small pieces are fine as they don’t create a blanket effect as I work on them.

One of the projects the Knitting Hope group is working on is a cowl neck warmer which will be donated to patients with colon or kidney cancer.  Apparently, these folks are more sensitive to the cold during treatment and appreciate the extra warmth a cowl can provide.  I have already completed 2 using the pattern Linda provided.

Last Friday, I found what I consider to be the ultimate cowl pattern on called “Sugar on Snow“.   When I saw the picture on the website, I was not overwhelmed because the color choice used was at best: Meh, in my humble opinion.  So, I went to the Stitching Bee and found the most luxurious baby alpaca wool  from Plymouth Yarn – Baby Alpaca Grande _DSC0284Hand Dyed in blues and purples (number 9 on the color chart).  It is as soft as a kitten’s belly fur, no complaints of scratchy wool will come from the person who wears this yarn.

Now what makes this the ultimate cowl, is that it is also a hat.  There is a cord that runs near the top of the piece and when pulled tight, it creates a hat.  When loosened, the piece can be worn as a cowl.  How cool is that?!?

The piece knits up very quickly.  I used #10 circular needles and cast on 68 stitches.   When stitching the I-cord, I found that I needed to decrease the needles to #8 Double Points as the cord was very thick when knit on #10’s.   The leaves are crocheted instead of knit.  The pattern has the directions to knit the leaves, but it was way to complicated for me to follow – I am still a beginner/intermediate knitter.  This pattern called for a “baby cable” stitch, which I would refer to more as a mock cable as no cable needle was needed.   The stitch is: Knit 2 together (K2tog) but do not drop stitches from left needle, knit into first of these stitches again, drop both stitches from left needle, purl 2, which sound more complicated that it turned out to be.  This was the first time I attempted a stitch like this, and found it was actually easy to knit.   The only other stitch that required some concentration was the eyelet row (makes the holes for the cord to go through): Knit 2 together (K2tog) but do not drop stitches from left needle, knit into first of these stitches again, drop both stitches from left needle, yarn over (yo), Purl 2 together (P2tog).

And as an added bonus, I got to practice taking photos of the finished cowl/hat with my new camera.

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  1. February 17, 2011 7:25 pm

    nice cowl, i like its color, the more, this cowl can use as a hat as well. good job

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