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The perfect holiday gift

November 29, 2009
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Scruffy enjoys his favorite time of the year - SNOW!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift, something that will make you smile, occasionally chuckle, and at times cry?  What could contain all these emotions in an easy to transport package you are asking?  Why, the one and only “Scruffy the Legend” book.   This is the heartwarming story about a dog rescued after living for months in a shelter because no one wanted him.  It is the “tail” of Darryl and his life with his new found friend Scruffy.

Similar to Marley and Me, it recounts the day to day adventures a dog can create, like being so proud when he caught a dead squirrel.

The book is available on and You can read the author’s blog where he writes about his new dogs, Ruby and Charlie –> . Follow him on Twitter where he posts humorous snippets of life with the dogs, including discussions between the dogs –>

Full disclosure: The author, Darryl Schwartz, is my husband and this is a shameless plug for his book 🙂  He self-published the book after the death of Scruffy because he wanted others to know about this special dog.  So far, he has sold about 300 copies.  He also donates copies to dog rescue groups to be used in their fundraising activities.  During a number of fundraising auctions, it has sold for as much as $41!

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