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Snow day

December 20, 2009

The snow stopped over night and we ended up with about 8 inches of very fine powder.  I’m not a skier, but I think this is the kind of snow that would be perfect for skiing.  It was very light and easy to shovel.

I let the dogs out in the yard.  Charlie immediately ran out into the snow and began frolicking, kicking up snow, and burying his face in the fresh powder.  Ruby was more reserved.  She spent most of the time on the walkway, which had been cleared of snow.  After a while, she ventured into the snow and even did a little frolicking, too.

I brought Charlie’s blue dumbbell toy outside for him to play with.  He played with it in the snow the same way he did in the pool.  He stands over it and pushes it underneath him with his feet.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy this game and had absolutely no interest in going in the house.  Ruby on the other hand, decided she had had enough of the snow after about 10 minutes and stood at the door.

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