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Procedure for surgical repair of deep abdominal trauma of aardvark

December 28, 2009
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A young, male aardvark presented with a deep penetrating abdominal wound inflicted by a beagle.

The skin had sustained a laceration of approximately 7.5 cm starting below the xiphoid process and extending to the pubis.  There was evidence that some of the aardvark’s fiberfill had been extracted.  The surgeon thoroughly examined the wound and determined that underlying structures were intact.  The laceration was cleaned of any foreign material or debris.  The area of the repair was anesthetized by injecting a local anesthetic.

The physician trimmed any edges that were jagged or extremely uneven.  There was no need to debride the area. Although the laceration was deep, no sutures were placed under the skin.  The skin wound was closed with a running stitch. Although a non-absorbable suture material was used it will not be removed later.  No dressing was applied.

After a short recovery period, the aardvark was returned to the beagle for further abuse.

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