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First virtual Avon Walk rest stop

February 18, 2010

My younger daughter sucked me into Farmville on Facebook.  I decided to decorate my farm as the first virtual rest stop on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer route, dubbed Rest Stop FV.

You’ll notice that I have the water/snack tent and a long line of porta-potties, just like a real rest stop.

For those gentle readers who are planning to participate in their first walk, here is information about the Rest Stops. The stops on the walk route are strategically placed about every two miles.  There are two types of stops:

  • A Quick Stop which provides potties and water/GatorAde.  A sign seen at one of the rest stops proclaimed “Drink and Pee – No I.V.”  It is important to drink, even if you don’t feel thirsty.  The Quick Stops have letter designations.
  • A Rest Stop which has along with the potties and fluids, medical staff and snacks. The Rest Stops have number designations.

The stops are staffed by a crew of volunteers who set up the area, provide walkers with drinks and information, and then break down the site.   The crews choose a theme for their stop and decorate the potties, tent and paths leading to the stop.  Many will also dress up in costumes.  Some of my favorite stops included the ode to Woodstock, O’Malley’s pub (I helped Jack and his family one year at this stop in Boston), and the tropical island with men wearing coconut bikini tops and grass skirts.

As a walker, I find having a smiling face and words of encouragement as I walk to be very energizing.  The crew members cheer on every walker who comes through their stop.  They really make a world of difference.  The pictures below are from the 2009 walk season and were taken at the walks in Boston, New York and Charlotte, NC.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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