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The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray

February 21, 2010

1994 Toyota Crapolla - Best car ever!

Yesterday was the Crew Party for the NY Avon Walk.  I had been looking forward to attending all week.  I was going to take the train into NY and walk up from Penn Station to the party spot, Prohibition, on Columbus Ave between 84th and 85th streets. This would have been a great 2.8 mile walk with lots of photo opportunities.

Apparently, I read the train schedule wrong – I thought the train was at 11:18 am, but when I arrived at the station, I found that I had just missed the 10:50 train and the next one was not for an hour.  Drat! What to do?  If I drove in, I could be at the bar in around 50 minutes, arriving even before the next train would pull into Penn Station. Awesome!

My 94 Toyota “Crapolla” * hasn’t been running well lately, so I was very hesitant to drive it into the city.  Breaking down in the Lincoln Tunnel is not on my “bucket list” of things to do in my life. My Crapolla is the best city car because it is old, beat up, no paint left, and most importantly small. Instead, I opted to drive my pick-up truck.

As I pulled onto the highway, I realized I had forgotten to transfer the E-Z Pass from the Crapolla. Drat! I haven’t had to hand money over to the toll taker in years because of the E-Z Pass.  Usually the cash only lanes are backed up.  I scrounged around in the ashtray and the other bins and found enough loose change to pay the tolls.  Someone was looking out for me, because when I got to the tolls at the Turnpike and Tunnel, the lines were very short. No more than 5 cars ahead of me. Awesome!

I was approaching my destination.  I turned onto 82nd street and saw a car pull out of a space. AWESOME! A free on street parking space.  Usually, I have to drive up and down the streets waiting and hoping for someone to open up a space.  I pulled up next to the parked car, I turned my wheel, I started to back in… Drat! The truck was just too big to fit in the space. There was absolutely no way I could wedge it in.

Next plan: Find a parking garage.  As I drove around looking for a garage, I saw 2 more spaces on the street. Again, the spots were too small for my truck.  God must have been punking me: 3 spaces within a 10 minute period, but none big enough for the truck.  Crapolla could have easily fit in any of the spaces.

The attendant at the first garage I came to waved me off saying my vehicle was too large to fit in the garage. Drat! Just for the sake of clarity for my gentle readers. I am not driving a Ford F350 or a Dodge Ram 1500.  The truck is a Toyota Tacoma, it really isn’t THAT big.  The attendant at the second garage also turned me away, but did offer a suggestion for parking – 11th avenue and 60th street. Drat! That was 24 streets south of the bar.

I started on my way downtown in search of the lot for the over sized vehicles.  As I was waiting at a light at 74th street and Riverside Drive, I noticed a Parking sign.  Having nothing to loose at this point, except a few minutes, I decided to test my luck.  I drove down the narrow driveway into the garage and was thrilled when the attendant pointed to where I should leave the truck.  Awesome! I was only 10 blocks south of the bar.

The attendant handed me the parking ticket and told me it would be $47 cash to leave my truck.  Drat! He was apologetic that it was so much, pointing to a sign which noted a surcharge of $14 for SUVs and Trucks.

Well at this point, I was not about to argue or go in search of another spot.  I handed over the keys.

It was a lovely winter day in the city. The sun was out and the wind wasn’t too brisk.  I walked to the bar and had a wonderful time chatting with fellow crew members.  Photos from the event can be viewed here:

* Note:  I use the term Crapolla in a loving way.  I love this car!  Probably one of the best cars Toyota ever made. It has over 155,000 miles on it and doesn’t owe me a cent.

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  1. February 21, 2010 9:00 pm

    You are too funny Karen!

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