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Training tip: Swollen hands

March 14, 2010

Many walkers have noticed that their fingers swell during long walks. Mine are no exception. Even a short training walk results in my fingers becoming so swollen that my wedding band cuts painfully into the skin. Pearl of wisdom: Remove all rings prior to walking.  The swelling can be significant enough that your fingers will feel heavy and tingly.  Mine even become difficult to bend.

There are a number of theories as to why your fingers and hands swell, although it doesn’t appear anyone knows for sure.  Perhaps it is a combination of all the theories.

Some walkers find their hands swell more in warm weather.  Electrolyte imbalances have been implicated as a cause.  More reason to drink your sport-ade – yes, I know you don’t like the taste, but your body does need the electrolytes.  Read my previous post on how to make your own sport-ade for just pennies a serving.  And finally, some believe it is arm motion, or more likely, lack of arm motion that causes fingers to swell.  You can read detailed information =>

Somethings that may help alleviate the swelling are:

  • Just like Bon Jovi said “Raise your hands! From New York to Chicago”.
  • Carry a walking stick or a stress ball to remind you to move your fingers.
  • Remove rings and tight bracelets.
  • Use proper arm position. Read info =>
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